RFID-solutions ZEBRA

The solutions with RFID technology by ZEBRA® company

ZEBRA® offers the broadest range of printer-coders on the basis of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) – Zebra offers unique range of printers that ensure performance of various printing tasks.

Printers/coders of smart-labels in the high frequency band (HF)

R2844-Z™ - compact printer-coder R2844-Z is for operation with wide range of RFID-tags in the band 13.56 MHz. This is desktop solution for small offices or organizations where RFID-tags printing is necessary in limited volumes for internal usage. This printer can be used in delivery service, libraries, various retail stores, for registration of important documents, for printing tags and tickets.

Card printers/coders and cards in the ultrahigh frequency band (UHF)

Printers P330i™/P430i™ and UHF-cards – By using card printers Zebra P330i and P430i and UHF-cards, one can extend the possibilities of identification cards application. The information from such cards can be scanned from the distance of 6 meters due to the reliable technology RFID Gen 2 UHF. These cards allow to offer unique means of identification for the employees of the organizations, to improve the quality of service for loyal clients and the level of important events. At crossing points the usage of such cards reduces utilized capacity of the crossing point, providing prompt procedure of person identification. Therefore, the efficiency of documents processing and the personnel location control can be increased.

Printers/coders of smart-labels in the ultrahigh frequency band (UHF)

R110Xi4™ - RFID-printer/coder R110Xi4 is remarkable for its high reliability and can be used for large printing capacity. Extended functions (including automatic calibration and flexible choice of tags for printing) significantly facilitates the printer adjustment and usage. The interval between the labels can be varied in the range of 16 mm, so the cost of one label is reduced, the printer productivity is increased, and the operator does not have to change the label roll frequently. Printer-coder R110Xi4 is optimized for accomplishing various printing tasks – starting with tags for clothes marking and ending with labels for pallets and packages, that's why R110Xi4 ensures prompt payback.

RZ400 and RZ600 – printers-coders RZ400 and RZ600 allows to reduce the cost of solution for printing and coding of RFID-tags by using wide range of materials for printing. Printer-coder is protected with durable metal case. The printer is notable for its user-friendly interface and capability of printing labels placed at the distance from 25 mm. If one needs to print larger labels, then one has to set the roll with the labels size needed. The supply of common standard consumables ensures the concurrency of all the operation with RFID-tags within your organization. RP4T™ - Zebra Company offers mobile thermal transfer printer with RFID-tags printing/coding technology.

With the help of printer RP4T one can easily print durable labels with UHF-band tags, labels with bar-code and documents. RFID-tags allows to increase the products registration efficiency and improve the personnel productivity. Printer-coder RP4T can be used for printing labels of 102x51 mm.

R110PAX 4™ - printing mechanism R110PAX 4 UHF Gen 2 is for printing and labels applying systems, where high productivity of large volume printing is needed. This productive solution of using in the distribution centers and at warehouses, also in various branches for retail products marking, electronic production and pharmaceutical products.

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