Video surveillance system Spotter

Spotter is video surveillance computer system that is used for video surveillance at small and medium objects: in offices, warehouses, industrial shops and objects. Besides, it can be installed in country house, cottage or apartment, at parking, filling station, currency exchange, and also in stores, cafes, restaurants, casinos and clubs. Video surveillance system Avidis Spotter is supplied as one or several video capture cards, drivers for video capture cards and specialized software.

Video surveillance system Spotter can be extended without any problems. For example, if there is Spotter 1.4 on your computer, you can purchase one more Spotter 1.4, set a card to the free slot of the same computer, where Spotter 1.4 has been already installed, and in such a way you will get system 2.8 for eight multiplexed channels.

You can choose, order and purchase video surveillance system Spotter in the catalog of cards for video surveillance systems.

Capabilities of the Spotter system:

Video surveillance

Record of video data

Motion detection software

Video archive


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