Labels and stickers

Production of labels and stickers

Production of the label. “Vostok” company produces labels at its own production and presents the biggest label producers in Ukraine. We can offer to you the production of the label on paper and film materials, hot and cold stamping by the foil, laminating, the production of the multi-layer labels, the positional stamping of signs and smelting of labels.

Standard roll labels

The label, the ribbon for label pistols. They apply the printing on roll labels, when it is necessary to mark quickly a little or a test consignment of the produce, to put the date and the time of the output of the products. The legislation of Ukraine provides for the necessary translation of the product’s label into Ukrainian. More profitably to do marking with help of the labels, printed on the Thermal Transfer Printers. Also they use therm – and the thermal transfer printing on the roll labels for marking the goods, which are used by the uneven demand: the cookery, the food products made to order, meat and fish products and other produce.

Fabric labels for clothes, tags

Fabric labels are used for producing sewn-in tags for indicating the size of the item, the fabric composition and mode of maintenance.

Tags, marking tags

Various materials are used for marking tags. The main requirement is increased durability.

Thermal labels

In the catalogue you may choose thermal label by the label size, amount of labels in the roll, and also order and buy thermal labels.

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