Business automation. Systems and integral solutions

Accounting for warehouse. Automation of accounting at the warehouse. Simple plan of designing stock accounting.

Automation of accounting in the network of shops: one or two jobs. Management and control from a central office.

Easier is better! People need technique and equipment that will make their lives and work easier. Automation of trade – from choosing and ordering to assembling, starting-up, servicing and upgrading – everything is easy. The Vostok company consequentially implements the principle : easier is better. Offered solutions are simple and clear. Understanding and clarity are the keys for successful automation.

Complex system of automatic control over truck weighting

Our company always works with the client's main goal – profit. Accordingly, investments in our solutions and projects are to be justified and produce profit.The Vostok company specialists' experience allows to integrate particular systems of enterprises into unified informational complex, therefore increase efficiency and benefit of using these systems.

The specialists of our company are experienced in working with video surveillance systems installation at the enterprises. Their knowledge and skills provide opportunity of integrating systems into unified information complexes consisting video surveillance, access control, accounting system (scales, cash registers, data terminals), fire and security alarms. Video surveillance and security systems. Security complex Intellect. Digital video surveillance system Patriot

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