Marking and Packaging

Hand packer hot table

Hot table – is a simple device for packing food products (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, frozen products) into convenient wrapping. The packed products are protected and ready for transportation.


Path-finders – are devices for printing alphanumeric and symbolic information (price, code numbers, date etc) on self-adhesive labels.

Label applicator

With the help of label applicator you can easily and promptly label anything in the office or warehouse. Moreover you can mark large batch of goods or apply bar-codes on package.

Labeling Systems

Checkweigher dynamic weighing system is an integrated automatic system of weighing, sorting, packing and labeling of goods. Dynamic weighing system is for control over finished products quality on the conveyor belt.


Band printers are used in industrial fields. Such printers are used for marking cables, servers, sockets, electronic components, thin wires etc. Such a marking makes it possible to save time and avoid errors as marked items are visible. Band printers help to organize workspace.

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