What is data terminal used for

Any enterprise for its development needs implementation of up-to-date technologies of accounting and goods movement control, analysis and data storage. Data terminals provide prompt, accurate accounting, control and data processing.

Data terminal is mobile minicomputer with embedded laser or CCD bar code scanner, it has processor, memory, keyboard (or touch display), display and can operate in offline mode.

Where are data terminals used?

In trade and storage facilities:

Data terminal at the enterprise for public use:

Using in restaurant business.

Terminal applications are not restricted with listed opportunities. There can be several programs for implementing different tasks at the same time. Additional devices can be connected to the data terminal, it helps to expand equipment functions. Some terminal models can be connected to bar code printers. Combination with magnetic card readers, infrared ports, radio transmission modules and other additional devices (optionally) allow full automating of data collection, storage and transmission processes. The Vostok company offers wide model range of data terminal.

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