Scales and weighing equipment

Retail Scales

Retail scales are for the goods weighing, packing and following product price calculation.

Label printing scales

Electronic label printing scales are for weighing and marking of the products during trading, accounting and technological operations where one needs price calculation, bar-code forming and printing of results on the labels.

Trade floor scales

Trade floor scales are used in the storage facilities, during handling the products for weighing control. Dust- and water-tight models of trade scales are adapted for operation in industrial environment.

Crane scales

Crane scales are for static weighing of the products during unloading and loading by the crane.

Platform Scales

Platform scales are for static weighing of products and raw materials, various loads (containers, pallets, trays) at various processing industrial and agricultural enterprises.

Laboratory Scales

Laboratory electronic scales are for static weighing of various substances and materials with high accuracy. They can be used at various enterprises, in scientific-industrial and academic laboratories.

Moisture analyzers

Weighing moisture analyzer is for weighing materials and measuring level of moisture with the help of drying method.

Conveyor scales

Conveyor scales are used for weighing materials which are being moved on the conveyor belt during transporting. They are for any type of conveyor belts which are used in industries.

Pallet truck scale

Pallet truck – transporting and weighing are within one process. Weighing pallet truck can be significantly save time of loading process and accounting operations.

Weigh batchers, hopper and single-rail scales

Hopper scales are for weighing raw materials and substances put in the hopper during technological, accounting and commercial operations. If needed the hoppers can be equipped with inlet and outlet devices, that are managed with the help of weighing controller.

Pallet electronic scales

Pallet U-shaped scales are for static weighing of loads on the pallets (euro-pallets) which are transported by hydraulic carts and electric cars. The scales are designed considering all the peculiarities required for convenient and qualitative weighing of loads.

Truck Scales

Truck scales are for static weighing of vehicles. There are foundation, non-foundation and striped truck scales.

Electronic counting scales

Electronic weigh count scales are for weighing and counting of single-type items with the help of weight method: for example: metal products, wiffets, washers, radio-components, sewing accessories etc. Using of weigh count scales significantly hasten the inventory process, handling and packing of piece goods.

Checkout Scales

Scales for cash registers systems are used at various trade enterprises and for public catering services. The scales can be used for the price calculation and implement the function of ordinary scales.

Packaging scales

Packaging scales or scales for ordinary weighing are for packing of industrial and other products by weight or quantity.

Scales for home

Medical and home scales are for weighing various loads at home. Verification of home scales is not accomplished as they are not for weighing products in trade operations.

Scales for weighing animals

Scales for animals weighing are for reckoned by the head or group weighing of pigs, cattle and other animals.

Spring balance and hanging scales

Portable electronic scales do for fishing as well as for remote trade. Models with weighing limit up to 100 kg are used for weighing the winch.

Test Weights

Weight is measure of mass. There are grades of accuracy depending on the characteristics.

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