The company Vostok set video surveillance system in the hotel Surozh (Sudak, Crimea).

The Vostok Company designed and realized complex project of computer, telephone network and security system in the hotel Roksolana.

On the next stage automation of trade process and security system operation in the shop Svitanok, the Vostok Company has set hardware-software complex POS-Intellect.

Automation of sales and accounting in clothing stores. Clothing accounting by bar code.

Video surveillance system for the agricultural enterprise "Franko-terminal Ltd".

Distribution and assembling of overhead track scales for the meat-processing factory Alan

Vostok company has finished development and integration of the video surveillance subsystem in the warehouses of TOP company.

Using of video surveillance system at the car wash Carting is significant: quality of work has improved, daily receipts have been increased. For remote control, video surveillance system was connected through the Internet to the remote customer at notebook and mobile phone.

There are the same problems in product accounting in greenhouses as well as in accounting of other agricultural products. You have the calculated data how much production must be gathered from particular area. And there are actual, so called total: that owners of the enterprise finally get. There is a gap between calculated and actual results.

Video surveillance system for customs warehouses. Client private enterprise Iceberg

Store CityCom (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) cabling of 56 ports Conteg ROF-42-60/80. Cabling of 46 video cameras. Mounting of video cameras: 35 indoors, 5 outdoors.

Video surveillance system for greenhouse farming

For perfumery and cosmetics store Belleza, the Vostok Company designed project of reconstruction and automation of storage accounting system.

The Vostok company developed and performed mounting of video surveillance system in elite-club Russkaya Pyramida

In the Svitanok store (urban-type community Podgorodne, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine) video surveillance system was installed (16 video cameras), computer and telephone network, insonation and warning system, accounting automation: five cash places, three jobsites of commodity expert and jobsite for accountant.

The Vostok Company has set video surveillance system in the supermarket Botanic. System consists of six video cameras, computer and telephone network, insonation and warning system, and accounting automation system: two cash sites, two jobsites of commodity experts, accountants jobsite.