Production of labels and stickers

Our company offer services of printing personal, exclusive labels. The pallet of colour self-adhesive label consists of six colours. We work with wide range of self-adhesive materials.

Vostok Company offers designing and printing of polypropylene labels to order. Such labels are used for marking products and packages, which will be stored at the warehouse for a long period of time and then transported.

Self-adhesive paper label, 44x81 mm (ellipsis form). The label is stuck with the help of glue layer. The main task of this label is to attract the customers’ attention. The self-adhesive labels are widely used at the consumer goods market.

Label sewn to the bag size 70*105 mm. The label is made of nylon.

Round self-adhesive thermal label, 98x98 mm. Various colour variants are possible, as well as number of layers winding and bush diameter.

Diomaster HUW Mat — этикетки из полиэфирной фольги толщиной 50 мкм.

Специализированная, чрезвычайно прочная, гибкая полиэфирная этикетка с защитным полиэфирным матовым слоем.

We offer to design and print labels for chicken factory farms. In the process of prepacking the finished products are marked with the labels. Thermal top label is for receipt printing scales.

We offer to design and print labels for cooked meats. The labels can be of various sizes and forms, informative, simple, bright, so that to single out your products on the shop shelves.

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