Scales with printing Tiger 3650 Extra

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Receipt printing scales Tiger 3650 Extra– equipped with storage device, memory 1 MB, can memorize up to 7500 codes of goods and equipped with network adaptor Ethernet, it provides easy integration into network IT-infrastructure of the trade enterprise.

Scales with thermal printer for label printing Tiger 3650 Extra. Automatically determine price, have taring function. Equipped with two LCD with back light and keys for direct selection of goods. Wide range of functions. It is an excellent solution for different grocery stores with self-service.

Scales from the series Tiger 3650 as well as all the equipment manufactured by METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) are highly reliable. The significant advantage is price.

The main difference of the scales is the second display for client and salesman, matrix alphanumeric line.

Distinctive features of the modification Mettler Toledo Tiger 3650 Extra

  1. Printing of product title in 2 lines up to 30 symbols each.
  2. Printing of text in Russian, Ukrainian and English.
  3. 20 various font sizes
  4. Printing of extra text (content text: protein, fat content) up to 200 symbols.
  5. Printing of use-by date in days
  6. Printing of on-sale date
  7. Printing of packaging date in days
  8. Printing of price
  9. Printing of weight
  10. Printing of bar code
  11. Printing of cost
  12. Double-width bar code printing
  13. Elements can be located on the label randomly
  14. Printing direction on the label can be changed
  15. Printing of the organization (store) title.
  16. Printing of advertising text
  17. Printing of date
  18. Printing measuring unit of price
  19. Printing measuring unit of cost
  20. Printing measuring unit of weight
  21. Printing label of random size in limits of maximum and minimal length and width
  22. Printing of tare
  23. Printing of fixed weight
  24. Amount of goods
  25. Number PLU
  26. Number of the scales
  27. Number of label
  28. Code number
  29. Special texts
  30. Service label
  31. Label of packing
  32. Final label
  33. Label for weight goods
  34. Logotype (dot matrix image 128х128 dots (16х16mm) is used as logotype)
  35. Label for piece goods.
  36. Printing of the operator’s surname
  37. Printing of the second total level – for providing extra level of summing (pallet).
  38. Using of “floating”VAT. PLU binding to any data. Flexibility of the configuration is increased by binding PLU with one of the advertising texts.
General descriptions
Producer of equipmentMettler Toledo
Technical descriptions
MLW15 кг
the least limit of weighing0,04 kg
Discreteness, g2
от 0,04 кг до 6 кг - 2 г / от 6 кг до 15 - 5 г
Fixing indicatorAt the reception
Amount of indicators2
Range of workings temperatures, °Cот -10 до +40
Size of platform355 х 295
Load plate materialStainless steel
Dimensions, mm425 х 355 х 520
An automat setting of zeroYes
Mass of containerYes
Diagnosis of faultsYes
Additional information
ENG: Максимальный диаметр рулона этикеток85

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