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1С: Enterprise 8 Accountancy for Ukraine. This configuration is for automation of accountancy and tax registration. License – for one user.

Configuration “Management of trading enterprise for Ukraine” is complex solution that can automate management and accounting tasks at the enterprises carrying out any commercial activities. Configuration automates such problems as: operating, management, accounting, recording of personnel, payroll operations, analysis, planning of trade operations, preparing of compulsory accounts, it provides efficient management of modern trading enterprise.

1С: Enterprise 8. Production enterprise management for Ukraine

Additional worksites for the program 1C 8.0. You can buy extra worksite only if there is basic program version.

Five additional worksites for any 1C:8 program version.

1С: 8. Kit: for ten additional worksites. You can buy additional worksite to 1C: program only if you have the basic program version.

Trade management for Ukraine management configuration of 1C: Enterprise 8 software complex is a solution for complex automation of operational and administrative accountancy, analysis and trade operations planning.

1C: Accounting 8 for Ukraine. The basic version

1С: Retail 8 for Ukraine

Price not specified

1С: Retail 8 for Ukraine program is for automation of business processes of retail stores.

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