Components and spare parts for scales

Replacement head for thermal printer for receipt printing scales ВПМ-15Ф1, ВПМ-15Т1, ВП-15Ф.2, ВП-15Т.2

Case for scales Alex S&E (Merav 2000)

Thermal head of receipt printing device for electronic trade scales with printer - CAS LP 15.

Thermal head for thermal printer of trade scales with receipt printing CAS CL5000.

Запасная клавиатура к фасовочным весам ВТНЕ Кировоградского завода весодозирующего оборудования.

NEC D16310GF

640,00 UAH

NEC D16310GF (9546К7) — micro scheme controller for scales display CAS LP and DB-H

Panel for platform of scales Cas DB-1H

Connecting box XDJB001, stainless steel case.

Gear for receipt printing scales Tiger, medium – 71207343

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