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Applicator TOWA 65-30 – is gun-type device for label application (sticking) onto the surface of products or packages. This gun-applicator refers to manual equipment. The principle of operation is simple: by pressing handle of a gun, you activate tape drive mechanism, on the tip of the applicator (“beak”) label substrate is bent, at this moment the label is peeled from the substrate, and the required length of the broach is regulated by a mechanical sensor.


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With help of applicator TOWA-65-60 you can mark various products with labels. The necessity in label may appear in many cases: before sales and discounts. Using manual applicator, labels can be stuck promptly in necessary place. Besides, manual applicator is necessary for marking large lot of products or marking packages with bar codes.

Manual mechanic applicator with mobile indicator for sticking labels of different forms.

TOWA APN-100 Label Applicator

Electro-mechanical applicator Dynamic LD-70 of the company’s Open Data (Italy) reduces the sticking labels and ensures maximum accuracy of its location on the product.

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