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TOWA 65-30 – manual gun-applicator for self-adhesive labeling.

With help of TOWA 65-60 applicator, labels are stuck promptly and qualitatively. Comparing labor productivity of packers and markers who use label-applicators and those who stick labels manually, the productivity increases. Marking and remarking large batch of goods with manual applicator is easy and simple. You may print labels yourself using specialized devices: label printers, or you may order ready-made labels – label printing.

Applicator TOWA 65-60 – is gun-type device for label application (sticking) onto the surface of products or packages. This gun-applicator refers to manual equipment. The principle of operation is simple: by pressing handle of a gun, you activate tape drive mechanism, on the tip of the applicator (“beak”) label substrate is bent, at this moment the label is peeled from the substrate, and the required length of the broach is regulated by a mechanical sensor. Small part of label (3-5 mm) is not separated from the substrate, so that the label is retained in the applicator and doesn’t fall out. For final labeling, you must hold rubber roller over the surface of the product or package.

Mechanical sensor promptly reacts to the difference between substrate height (between labels) and substrate height with label.

Механический сенсор оперативно реагирует на разницу между высотой подложки (в промежутках между этикетками) и высотой подложки с этикеткой.

As soon as the tip of the applicator touches the edge of the next label, the sensor stops the broach of substrate.

Applicators of TOWA series differ in label width TOWA AP 65-30, TOWA AP 65-100. Width of the roll for AP 65-30 model – 30 mm, for AP 65-100 – 100 mm. External maximal diameter of label roll is the same for all the models – 110 mm.

Pay your attention! Handle of the applicator is equipped with small strap for wrist, you are to put it on your hand, especially during intensive operation, and it will protect applicator from falls.

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