Crane scales

Crane scales OCS-A 3000. MLW – 3000 kg. Crane scales A 3000 are notable for an excellent price and quality ratio. If needed, OCS-A 3000 can be completed with radio channel and mobile indicator.

Crane scales OCS-A 5000 are used in production process. There are self-contained power supply unit, bright lighting indication, remote control board.

Crane scales OCS-A 10000 (VK Zeus III 10000). MLW – 10000 kg. Crane scales OCS-A 10000 (VK Zeus III 10000) – are notable for an excellent price and quality ratio.

Crane electronic scales OCS-М-1t 1000. MLW – 1000 kg. Protect ion level: IP-53. Great quality-price ratio!

Crane scales EHP LD-10

133 002 UAH

MLW – 10 000 kg. Crane scales of LD series are for weighing loads in the process of loading and discharging of loads by crane.

MLW – 3000 kg. Electronic crane scales VK Zeus III RK 3000 are for static weighing of loads during loading and dispatching by crane.

MLW – 5000 kg. Scales VK Zeus III RK 5000 – crane scales with radio channel.

Crane scales with radio channel OCS-A-10000 radio

Crane scales EHP LDN-20

ЕрМак ВКик — крановые подвесные весы с инфракрасным каналом. НПВ — 1000 кг. Дискретность — 0.2 кг. Дистанционное управление на расстоянии до 15 метров по ИК каналу.

Crane scales Caston I

34 800 UAH

Crane scales CAS Caston I (THA)

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