Currency counters

Currency counter PRO 15. Model PRO 15 can be used as mobile currency counter – in the stores, in the car, at the market, etc. Pay your attention: currency counter PRO 15 – is original and symbolical present for any holiday.

Native NV-730B UV

2 900,00 UAH

Recalculation rate: 1000 bills per minute. Packing: from 1 to 999 pieces. Detection: UV, in size and detection of double banknotes.


3 180,00 UAH

Currency counter PRO-40 U-NEO. The Vostok company presents currency counter of “economy” category PRO-40 U-NEO. This currency counter machine is great choice for currency exchanges, offices, filling stations, stores, pawnshops.


4 100,00 UAH

Currency counter PRO-35 combines compact currency counter and multifunctional currency detector. Currency counter PRO-35 can be used in car, it can be connected through the adapter to the cigarette lighter.

К-8820 UV

4 776,00 UAH

Banknote counter К-8820 UV


4 872,00 UAH

Currency counter PRO 40 U LCD

Banknote counter Native NV-520UV

Product innovation! Currency counter DORS 600 is for counting various banknotes. Currency counter DORS 600 is highly reliable and has long service life, recommended for counting money with similar face value in high flow of cash conditions. Optimal ratio price/quality makes currency counter DORS 600 attractive and for retail trade.

Currency counter PRO 87 is a multipurpose device of high quality and at reasonable price.

Professional banknote counter PRO 87U has a wide range of functions and ensures high quality of work.

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