Currency counters

Currency counter PRO 15. Model PRO 15 can be used as mobile currency counter – in the stores, in the car, at the market, etc. Pay your attention: currency counter PRO 15 – is original and symbolical present for any holiday.


4 600 UAH

Currency counter PRO-35 combines compact currency counter and multifunctional currency detector. Currency counter PRO-35 can be used in car, it can be connected through the adapter to the cigarette lighter.


5 300 UAH

Currency counter PRO-40 U-NEO. The Vostok company presents currency counter of “economy” category PRO-40 U-NEO. This currency counter machine is great choice for currency exchanges, offices, filling stations, stores, pawnshops.


7 450 UAH

Currency counter PRO 40 U LCD

Banknote counter Native NV-520UV

Currency counter PRO 87 is a multipurpose device of high quality and at reasonable price.

Professional banknote counter PRO 87U has a wide range of functions and ensures high quality of work.

Banknote counter NATIVE NV-2110

Banknote counter Magner 35S

Banknote counter PRO 150CL

Banknote counter Magner 75 D

Banknote counter PRO 150 CL/U

PRO NC-3500

38 250 UAH

Sorter PRO NC-3500 provides fast and accurate counting of banknotes.

Профессиональный счетчик банкнот банковского класса. Используется в банках, кассах, крупных магазинах, офисах и на АЗК.

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