Mobile RFID Reader RD5000

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Motorola Emb company presented new product in RFID range – mobile RFID reader RD5000. This is mobile device is wireless, battery powered. RFID-reader RD5000 can be located anywhere – on the carriage, car, loader, also in inaccessible places, where cable stationery reader can’t be located. Case of RFID-reader is made from durable materials, that’s why it can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Mobile reader RD5000 is based on the platform MC 9090 (CE), provides operation in severe conditions: stands up high temperatures, vibration, moisture – dust- moisture proof level is IP66, range of operating temperature from - 20°C to +50°C.

Radiation cone of embedded antenna ~ 160°, distance of confident RFID-tags reading ~ 180 cm. External antenna can be connected to RD5000. Wide diagram is important for maximization of reading RFID-tags on the pallets because as a rule pallet is situated close to the reader.

Standard OS Windows CE, embedded wireless devices WIFi and Bluetooth and autonomous operation with battery smplify integration of RD5000 into information system of the enterprise.

General descriptions
Producer of equipmentZebra (Eltron) Co

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