RFID Devices

Prox RFID Reader 125 KHz

USB-RFID reader

2 958,00 UAH

USB-RFID reader is for non contact code reading from transponders of the system Em-Marine (EM Microelectronic standard – Marin SA, H4102 125kHz) and transmission of this code to the computer via USB interface. Transponders store 5 byte unique ID number recorded at the factory.


6 672,00 UAH

Antenna Zebra AN480-CR66100WR

AN480-CL66100WR — airtight antenna AN480 is for installment outdoors, in industrial premises.

AN720 L51NF00WEU — antenna to Zebra RFID controllers.


8 100,00 UAH

ALR-8696-C — wide-band antenna 865-960 MHz for systems RFID, 8,5 dBic, RHCP, IP 54, 20 cables; RP-TNC Connector.


13 326,00 UAH

Antenna AN400-CB66203WR for XR480 Zebra.


44 300,00 UAH

Zebra MC3330R работает на базе операционной системы Android.


47 850,00 UAH

ZD50042-T0E2R2FZ — basic model desktop office printer series ZD500R RFID UHF.


48 930,00 UAH

ZD50042-T1E2R2FZ — model RFID-series printer with a cutter ZD500R prints with a resolution of 203 dpi. Delivery on request.

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