RFID Devices


1 644 UAH


RFID Reader 125 KHz

1 870 UAH

Prox RFID Reader 125 KHz

USB-RFID reader

3 120 UAH

USB-RFID reader is for non contact code reading from transponders of the system Em-Marine (EM Microelectronic standard – Marin SA, H4102 125kHz) and transmission of this code to the computer via USB interface. Transponders store 5 byte unique ID number recorded at the factory.


7 044 UAH

Antenna Zebra AN480-CR66100WR

AN480-CL66100WR — airtight antenna AN480 is for installment outdoors, in industrial premises.

AN720 L51NF00WEU — antenna to Zebra RFID controllers.


8 550 UAH

ALR-8696-C — wide-band antenna 865-960 MHz for systems RFID, 8,5 dBic, RHCP, IP 54, 20 cables; RP-TNC Connector.


14 064 UAH

Antenna AN400-CB66203WR for XR480 Zebra.


59 304 UAH

ZD50042-T0E2R2FZ — basic model desktop office printer series ZD500R RFID UHF.


60 642 UAH

ZD50042-T1E2R2FZ — model RFID-series printer with a cutter ZD500R prints with a resolution of 203 dpi. Delivery on request.

Stationary reader of RFID-tags ALR-9900+EMA Alien Technology is up-to-date reader of industrial category. It ensures high functionality and reliability. This one of the best readers in the class EPC Gen 2 RFID. Stationary reader of RFID tags is up-to-date reader having exclusive functionality due to the high sensitivity of the receiver, high suppression of radio interferences, high operational reading distance of RFID tags in the applications.

Mobile thermal transfer printer P4D-1U10E001-00

Mobile printer Zebra P4D-1UB0E001-00

Mobile printer Zebra P4D-1UG0E001-00

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