Label printer Zebra RZ600-300E-000R1

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Model RZ600-300E-000R1 is in the line of Zebra RZ600 which is designed on the basis of industrial label printer Zebra ZM600. All the printers of this line are designed for full-time work and large volumes of labels.

Zebra RZ600-300E-000R1 is equipped with high-frequency RFID-module and it can print and encode different RFID-tags with radio frequency identification. Printer Zebra RZ600 works with coding standard EPC Gen2 which is now the most perspective and popular standard. The speed of RFID coding is adjusted for maximum printing productivity, special counters track and records qualitative and wrong tags.

Printer can work with transponders with ultrahigh frequency (UHF) 903-928 MHz of EPC UHF Class 1 9Alien Technology type.

Printing speed is 203 mm per second with 300 dpi resolution. Label width – up to 168 mm.

The printer has wide range of interfaces - USB, RS232, LPT in basic configuration and Ethernet and WiFi optionally.

Characteristics of printer

  • Adjustable capacity of the reader and encoder allows to code small tags better.
  • 32-bit 133 MHz RISC-processor speeds up data processing and increases printer efficiency.
  • Popular standard of encoding EPC Gen2.
  • XML language support widens printer capacities.
  • Large window for controlling expandable materials.
  • Large display 240*128 pixels.
  • Auto calibrating.
  • Shaped metal case.
  • Built-in clock.
  • Zebra RZ600-300E-000R1 – is an ideal solution for different applications.
  • Marking containers and pallets.
  • Dispatch and delivery.
  • Record of the work done.
  • Record and control of stock.
  • Distribution of products.
General descriptions
Producer of equipmentZebra Technologies, USA

Purchase and delivery terms

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