Bar Code Scanner Argox AS8150-U

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Argox AS8150-U manual, light-emitting diode scanner is reasonably priced, reliable and easy-to-use. Scanner reads bar codes by contact method. Model Argox AS8150-U is very popular at the marketplace because of its reliability, low price and simplicity of the connection. It is light, ergonomically designed, low-energy scanner. Scanner Argox AS8150 is for using in the shops with low flow of customers, for example in the clothing or jewelry shops.

Barcode Scanner Argox AS-8150 reads and recognizes all popular linear bar code encoding, which are used in trade (retail), at the warehouse, logistics, workflow, healthcare, transport operations. This bar code scanner can read bar codes with the labels pasted on the circle, worn or slightly damaged.

To the scanner can be purchased stand. This completely frees the operator’s hands and barcode scanner working mode «Hands-Free» (hands free). The operator brings to the scanner bar code reading and information transfer to the PC automatically. A distinctive feature of the bar-code scanners manufactured by technology Linear Image - a complete lack of moving parts in the scanner. This technology greatly increases the reliability of barcode scanner and its persistence in operation.

Model AS8150-U connects via USB, and in this model provides emulation mode RS-232 - this is important when connecting barcode scanner to 1C program. The emulation mode com-port (COM or RS-232) allows you to automate the processing of different types of bar codes: the goods, party, serial number, discount card, identification card of bar-code document. Thus, by using bar-code scanner, you can automate many operations and processes: Seek good - to unearth a check or invoice, fill in the name of date, when reading the bar code with a discount card - to unearth customer card, or request the discount rate, while reading the identification officer - keep records of working time and provide access to programs and documents, while reading a barcode on the document - to find the document in a magazine, open for viewing or editing (depending on program settings).

General descriptions
Producer of equipmentArgox Co., Ltd.
Technical descriptions
Technology scanning bar codesImage
Type of ScannerHand
Wired scanner. Wireless scanner
Max. distance of reading250 mm
Max. width of capture to120 mm
Dimensions, mm182 х74 х51

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