Types of currency detectors

Every day each of us uses cash money. Mostly the most common banknotes are subject to be faked. Currency detectors help to protect your financial flow from fake notes.

Currency detector is for professional control banknote authenticity of various currency, bond papers, certificates, identity papers.

The authenticity is of vital importance when working with currency. The checkup of the authenticity can be accomplished with the help of automatic detectors and visual (viewing) detectors.

Types of currency detectors

Ultraviolet viewing detectors reveal luminescent images, threads and fibers of currency notes in the light of ultraviolet lamps. Ultraviolet detector – is one of the most widespread types of currency detectors. This equipment doesn't require any specific skills for work. Ultraviolet emission helps to reveal false banknote visually by the main protection property.

Ultraviolet viewing detectors

Mostly ultraviolet detector is used at various stores, outlets and offices. Reasonably priced ultraviolet detector – DORS 125.

There are ultraviolet detectors with magnetic detection, peek-a-boo detections and magnifying glass - currency detector PRO 12LP.

Currently infrared viewing currency detectors are the most reliable devices for revealing false banknotes. Such a detector helps to reveal not only false banknotes but other documents protected with infrared marks.

Infrared viewing currency detectors

The image, received with the help of the camera in the infrared range is shown on the display. User should know positions of infrared images on the banknotes of different countries, nominals and production years. With the help of infrared viewing currency detector DORS 1000 M2 the authenticity of the banknote can be checked with the help of optical infrared filter and light-emitting diode infrared lightning. Infrared detector Spektr-Video-K allows to view on the display the image of the whole banknote or some part of it with twofold zoom.

Automatic detectors are able to check authenticity of banknotes in automatic regime by several protection properties at once with high accuracy.

Multi-currency detector MAGNER

The information of the authentic banknotes is stored in the detectors memory and the results from the sensors are compared to that information. Automatic detector provides maximal accuracy of checking banknotes authenticity. On the basis of complex analysis the currency detector itself concludes whether the banknote is authentic or false. But this kind of detectors can operate only with one banknote at once.

Automatic detector DORS 200 M1 is great for checking authenticity of United States Dollars, DORS 220 is for Euro.

While choosing currency detector you should decide which currencies you are going to check.

If you need to check several currencies, than multi-currency detector is required. In this case automatic detector MAGNER 9930A.

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