Automation. Solutions and technologies

Automatic identification systems are divided by the type of used technology: bar codes, radio frequency identification, object recognition on video, chips, mag stripe.

Accounting at warehouse. We offer two methods of accounting at warehouse. For convenience they can be called coordinate and cell-like accounting types at warehouse.

Accounting disposal of solid waste

Product accounting with leaving production and moving between warehouses.

The tasks of accounting for finished products are to control the production of finished products, their condition, safety in stock and the executio orders on production.

Restaurant is a special establishment. The waiter's glance, sommelier's smile, decoration of the hall and glitter of glasses, exquisite cuisine and mice music create the atmosphere the customer will be returning for again and again.

Automation of weighing results accounting on platform scales, with additional control by video surveillance system operations.

First of all let's clarify the meaning of fixed assets inventory. Inventory of the fixed assets is inspection of correspondence of fixed assets with the information in the accounts. The fixed assets of the enterprise are all the material assets (instruments, equipment etc) that are used in production process or rendering services with exploitation term more than 1 year.

The main aims of car weighing process automation are to reduce the influence of human factor, eliminate misrepresentation of weighing results, increase speed of data processing and document forming.

Inventory on the basis of the data terminal CASIO and software MOSkit

Using of new technologies and technological progress in all fields of life influenced libraries as well. Nowadays libraries face a number of problems.

Mobile solution for weighing and marking of products in harsh warehouse and industrial condition at minus temperature.

Completed solution of products reception and marking automation

Modern restaurant business demands brand new technological solutions. Restaurant automation improves management quality.

Term restaurant automation is widespread among restaurant keepers, equipment and software suppliers. As a matter of fact restaurant automation is not appropriate for industrial restaurant processes.

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