Label printers

Label printers – are specialized label thermal and thermal-transfer printers. Label printer – is for bar-code, text and graphic information printing on labels, that is put on the product or on the package for marking.

 Zebra, Datamax, Toshiba-TEC, Argox, Godex, TSC, Proton.

Label printers are used in various spheres: retail trade, warehouse and in production for products marking.

Vostok Company supplies label printers from leading world producers Zebra, Datamax, Toshiba-TEC, Argox, Godex, TSC, Proton.

Attention please! There are two types of used thermal heads in thermal-transfer printers: Flat Head and Corner and Near Edge – angle thermal head. There are specific ribbon types for each of the head – these ribbons are not replaceable! That's why before purchasing ribbon, it is necessary to find out what type of ribbon is used in the printer.

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