Operations bar-codes

Bar-codes are used for any operations activation at the enterprise. If the enterprise is automated, documents bar-coding helps to find them in the database and activate some operations. For example, expenditure invoices scanning activates stickers printing and confirms that the order is processed. While gathering the order, the packer is scanning bar-codes on the products and confirms completion of the product packing, then the employee can scan operation card – by weighting the package. So the employee doesn't have to switch over between input devices: bar-code scanner, computer mouse and keyboard. The benefits are obvious – the working process is facilitated and the employees' time is saved.

Main bar-codes used for automation

Bar-codes can be used in combined in many ways, it depends on business-processes and the enterprise structure. The main principle is facilitation. The bar-code system must be easy-to-use for the employees. In this case they will promptly and clearly perform the tasks. The enterprise owners will get control and accurate accounting.

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