Bar code printing. Equipment for bar code printing

Bar code printing can be implemented with help of various equipment. Bar codes are printed with the help of label printers, band printers, office laser or ink-jet printers and also receipt printing scales. Besides, bar codes and labels can be printed in any printing establishment. Barcodes and labels are printed on appropriate material with the help of thermal transfer, laser, ink-jet or flexoprint technologies.

The main task during bar code printing is to design barcode and label. While designing it is necessary to form the bar code properly, it means that all the elements have to be taken into account. Even small detail can lead to unreadable bar code. Such a situation is not rare, but such mistakes can be corrected with the help of “right” bar code printing on self-adhesive labels. It is desirable to check up whether the bar code is readable with the help of bar code scanner or verifier.

There are several types of label printers: desk, half-industrial, industrial, pluggable and mobile. Bar code printing by means of label printer.

This type of printing is used for production, accounting, control, storage and sale automation. Printing is performed on roll carriers. Bar codes are printed on self-adhesive labels, tags, stamps, ribbons. Label printers can print on various materials: paper, thermal paper, polypropylene, PET, cardboard, textile ribbons (nylon, sateen). Ink ribbon has to be used for printing on all materials except for thermal paper or cardboard. Depending on the storage and usage conditions requirements different ribbon types can be used (WAX, Resin or combined WAX/Resin). You may find detailed information in the glossary section.

There are several types of label printers: desk, half-industrial, industrial, pluggable and mobile. Desk printers are for small volumes of printing, up to 5000 labels per day. Such a printer helps to print promptly necessary amount of labels or tags with bar code.

Ink ribbon layer is transferred on the label.

Bar code printing in the printing establishment

If number of printed labels is not large and purchasing printer is not reasonable, then bar code printing can be ordered in the printing establishment. Vostok Company printing department offers services of prompt thermal and thermal-transfer printing on rolls. You may place your order in the website section “Prompt thermal and thermal-transfer printing”. For printing you should describe the label design, mention bar code and specify the number of labels. If necessary, Vostok Company specialists can design and print labels with varied numbers (serial and product batch number).

Bar code printing with help of laser and ink-jet printers.

It is one of the most inexpensive ways to print bar code. Common laser or ink-jet printers are used and common format paper or sheet self-adhesive paper are used for such kind of printing. Bar codes are printed on common format paper for price tags, tags with bar code, for warehouse storage areas, and also for automated circulation of documents accounting organization. Label printing on self-adhesive materials is widespread among jewelers, at small production facilities, for test products output. It is advisable to select sheets with necessary label sizes for printing on self-adhesive sheets. Bar code and other information of high quality are printed on such labels as laser and ink-jet printers have higher resolution than label printers have. You may find more detailed information about sheet labels in the section “Sheet self-adhesive labels”.

Bar code printing on band printers

This type of printing is used for bar code marking of cable products, inventory tags and labels, serial numbers printing. Special consumable materials are used for printing. Band printers are used by assembly workers of cabling system, network engineers, service centers and accountants. This bar code printing technology is easy-to-use but it is not for mass bar code marking of products.


Bar code printing on receipt printing scale.

Such type of printing is employed by products manufacturers for weighing control, in retail stores chains. Direct thermal printing method is employed in receipt printing scales. Bar code is formed by scale or specified manually or it can be programmed with the help of computer.

For printing and putting barcode on assembly lines, special pluggable label printers with with automatic applicators and specialized ink-jet printers are used.

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