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PET material is used for making the tag “loop”. The tag size is – 15 x 209 mm.

Loop tag 17x190 mm

1 540 UAH

Бирка для саженцев из материала allfolin. Размер: 17х190 мм, цвет: белый, тип: петля. В рулоне 2000 штук.

Tags for seedlings 19x229 mm “loop”

1 070 UAH (за 1 тыс. шт.)

Allfolin material is used for making the tags for seedlings. The size is 19x229 mm, the type is “loop”.

Allfolin material is used for the tag. The sizes are 25x 197 mm. The type is “loop”.

Tag-loop for marking plants

Price not specified

Tag-loop is for marking various plants. Besides, it ensures automation of accounting and trade processes.

Tag for jewelry

144 UAH

The product article, cost per gram and bar-code are indicated on such a tag.

Tags for slab stones 30 mm

250 UAH (цена зависит от размера и тиража)

The tags for slabs help to organize the accounting process at stoneprocessing factories.

Thermo cardboard 50x101.6 with two perforations

Plant tags

600 UAH

The size of the plant tag is 104x18 mm. The tags for plants are supplied in a roll by winding 1 thousand pieces.

Marking tag

1 900 UAH

Marking tag is highly resistant to the impact of high and low temperatures, moisture, fats, chemical compositions. There are 1000 labels in the roll.

HP Color LaserJet CP1215

Tag 90 mm * 152,4 mm is used in industry for marking packets, packages, pallets. Products tied off with metal or plastic ties. When marking tape is passed through a special perforation. Usually ships without pre-label printing templates.


Price not specified

Brady THT-33-412-1

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