Красящий валик для этикет-пистолетов Printex, Smart, Blitz, Open, Swing, Jolly. При заказе валика необходимо уточнить модель этикет-пистолета.

Красящий валик для этикет-пистолетов Printex 3 Lines.

Tagging gun Arrow — 5S can be widely used in clothes, textile production.

Tagging gun Red Arrow YH-31 is used for fixing price labels, tags etc on items from tissue.

Однострочный этикет-пистолет. Размер этикетки 21х12 мм.

Smart brand was designed specially for Ukraine: developers took into account specific features and density of consumable materials.

Pathfinder is a device for goods marking. It is notable for easiness and convenience in use.

One line pathfinder Jolly 2112 is used in production, stores, warehouses. This is very easy-to-use device.

Jolly JH8 —one line pathfinder, 8 symbols.

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