Software for truck scales AVTOVES® ARM «Truck scales operator»

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Software for truck scales AVTOVES® ARM «Truck scales operator» communicates with the weights, provides full functional for filling documents, data exchange with enterprise accounting system (highly configurable), integration into system of video observation and RFID-control system.

Data from the scales coming from the software "weights server" that allows you to connect all types of electronic truck scales virtually any manufacturer. Data from the truck scales come either permanently or by software request, it can be set separately — depending on the type of the weighing terminal.

Barcodes. The module working with bar codes allows you to automate the processing of paper documents: coupons, passes, driver, car and trailer cards, consignment notes (Waybill), coupons of "bunkerist", orders to vacation, weighing acts, product acceptance, laboratory analysis. Software can read barcodes and print documents with barcodes: act of the first weighing, weighing, Waybill, marking labels for documents without barcodes. The use of bar codes in document circulation allows you to significantly speed up the processing of documents and operating procedures.

RFID-tags. The module working with RFID tags sold separately and not included in the main program. Using RFID-tags to identify vehicles allows you to organize additional "shadow" control. RFID-tags information, in contrast to the barcode, is not visible to the operator, for this reason, it is impossible to copy, duplicate or forge. Important! RFID-system operates in synchronism with barcodes, rather than replace them! The main accounting and processing of documents is carried out on the basis of barcodes.

Integration with the accounting system of the enterprise. Software for truck scales «AVTOVES® ARM «OAV» integrates with any enterprise accounting system. Data exchange can be organized in a variety of formats and flexibly adjusted. When you change and optimize business processes, synchronization module can be quickly reconfigured.

Integration with CCTV (system of video observation). «AVTOVES® ARM «OAV» software allows you to upload such data types: weight, number of document, nomenclature, date and time of the operation, employee ID, number of vehicle and trailer, weighing results (the contents of the act of weighing), — in the system of video observation «Intellect» and «Trassir». The use of such integration on the car weighing platform provides the ability to fully control the process of weighing and drafting documents and see - what’s really going on: the position of the vehicle and trailer, actions and location of the driver, readings of weighing terminal and the data transferred to the accounting system, the creation of documents (number, date and time), scanning of cards and coupons, scanning RFID-tags.

Automation of automotive weighing platform. The main objectives of automating the process of weighing vehicles - to reduce the influence of the so-called «human factor», exclude the possibility of distortion of the results of measurement of weight (caused by the actions of the company’s employees), increase the speed of data processing and formation of documents.

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