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Currency detector PRO 4P is ultraviolet mini detector for detection of banknotes and documents authenticity in any conditions – in transport, stalls, in operations with cash and securities.

PRO 4 LED светодиодный ручной детектор — усовершенствованная версия карманного детектора PRO 4P.

Ultraviolet currency detector PRO 7 LED

PRO 12PM multipurpose currency detector. Prompt and accurate banknotes check up.

Money detector PRO 12 LPM LED can check bank notes on all protective signs. Detections: magnetic, in ultraviolet light, for transparency, loupe (fivefold magnification).

Currency detector PRO 1500 IRPM LED

PRO-7 – currency detector

Price not specified

Currency detector “PRO-7” is for authenticity detection of currency, securities and documents: bonds, stocks, driving licenses, credit cards, documentary stamps, and banknotes.

Currency detector PRO 12

Price not specified

PRO 12 currency detector is equipped with powerful ultraviolet lamps of 6 W capacity. It allows to identify protective fiber and control luminescence of paper. The case construction allows to check a bundle of banknotes.

Currency detector PRO 4

Price not specified

Reasonably priced, compact currency detector PRO 4 promptly checks put authenticity of different countries banknotes. The best price among economy-class detectors.

Currency detector PRO CL 200

Price not specified

Currency detector PRO CL 200

Currency detector PRO CL-16 IR LPM helps to implement complex banknotes check. Ultraviolet marks can be checked with the help of 2-fold magnification through embedded lens. With the help of magnetic sensor, magnetic marks can be checked.

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