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Terminal Motorola MC9190-GJ0SWAYA6WR

Delivery term is 40 working days. Data terminals of MC-900- series have modular construction – device can be completed with different types of scanners. For example, modification with scanner Lorax can read bar codes from distance of 10 m up to 12 m. Color, 64/128MB, 53 Key, Audio/Voice/Bluetooth.

Symbol MC3090 R-LC28S00GER

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Symbol MC3090 is efficient solution for workers who perform receiving and delivering of merchandises at warehouse. For all operations with intensive using of bar code reading: price check, inventory etc. Model MC3090 can be excellent solution for intensive operation in adverse industrial conditions. Terminal can operate off-line and transmit data through wireless link. It can scan one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes.

Data terminal Opticon PHL 2700

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Opticon PHL 2700 is manual data terminal for indoor operation. PHL 2700 is used for data acquisition in different range of industry and trade including transport and logistic companies, pharmaceutical industry, retail and wholesale enterprises.


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The MC9090-G rugged mobile computer empowers mobile workers to capture and access critical business information in real time. The construction of the MC9090-G is designed to withstand rigorous use in extreme environments and a wide variety of working conditions, providing the flexibility to be used on the manufacturing floor, in the warehouse or on the sales floor of a retail operation. The MC9090-G with Bluetooth supports wireless printing and use of wireless headsets. Those with scan intensive applications such as price audits and inventory management will enjoy the comfort of the pistol grip handle. The MC9090-G gives users a choice of Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows CE 5.0--allowing you to select either a familiar feature rich environment or a robust customizable application-specific environment. The ability to capture images as well as scan bar codes enables enterprises to deploy this single device in many business areas.


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Symbol MT2090 — data terminal in the “bar code reader” case. Familiar and comfortable for personnel case form form makes operation more convenient.

Data collection terminal WT4090

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WT4090 (Symbol WT4090) is data collection terminal for various trade and production purposes.


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Terminal Motorola MC3190-RL3S04E0A


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Terminal Motorola MC3190-RL2S04E0A


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Terminal Motorola K-MC2180-CS01E-CRD


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Zebra MC32N0-GL2HCLE0A

MC3190-Z combines the functions of RFID tags and bar-code readers. Portable RFID-reader MC3190-Z has durable construction with embedded antenna for the data reading. Highly productive RFID-model Motorola ensures enhanced reading speed and data processing.

Transport mobile computer VC5090 combines solid construction and high operation efficiency in wireless network, provides efficient access and collection of data in real time mode. Processor Intel XScale PXA270 624 MHz. Operational system Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Professional. Main memory память (RAM/ROM) 128 SDRAM/192MB Flash (RoHS-compatible). Memory card expansion SD.

Data terminal Motorola MC9190-G

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Data terminal Motorola MC9190-GJ0SWEQA6WR Windows Mobile 6.5 – is reliable and solid device with improved scanning characteristics and display with higher resolution. The terminal case is made from solid material and can withstand repeated drops from 1.8 m height. Ergonomic and convenient design are main features of this terminal.

Terminal Мotorola MC9190

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Terminal Мotorola MC9190-GJ0SWEYA6WR – hand held mobile computer with Windows CE 6.0. operational system. The terminal construction is solid and reliable. The terminal distinguishing features are its multifunctions and several types of wireless connection. The terminal can be used for intensive operation at warehouses, display area, during products loading and dispatch.

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