RFID technology in business

RFID technology (radio frequency identification) can be used practically in any business to increase profit and working efficiency. In this article we would like to tell you about the most widely used ways of using RFID.

The main advantage of this technology is the absence of any human factor in the process of identification, consequently it eliminates all the possible mistakes.

The tag with RFID-tag will be identified even if it is not brought to the RFID-reader: the data will be transmitted to the PC in the real time mode. Usually when the RFID-tag is read, the following data is registered: the tag code, the reader code, time of reading. By knowing where the readers are situated, the companies managers can know the location of the products and thanks to the registration, they will also know everything about the products movements.

Security and access control

RFID-cards can be used as electronic key for access to the offices. Before low frequency RFID-tags were used. Currently there are systems with 13.56 MHz frequency, they provide long reading distance.


At industrial enterprises RFID technology is used for registration and check on movement of the transport means and shipping containers. Automobiles, loaders, carts, trucks and containers, tanks, cases are marked with the tags. The cells and places of storages are marked with RFID-tags for automatic control in the warehouse registration field. Most enterprises use RFID-marking technology to monitor the process of products and raw materials transporting and to automate the process of formal acceptance and dispatch.

Livestock sector

RFID-tags help to identify animals and monitor their movement on the complex territory. The implementation of RFID-system allows to launch automatic filling in and creating the passport of an animal. In such a way not only the tome of data processing is saved but also the number of mistakes is reduced.

Fixed assets control

Large amount of companies use the RFID technology of fixed assets registration. In practice the following combination is used: bar-code + RFID. Though there is no need in visual control, it is the main disadvantage. The tag of any equipment can be read even if the equipment itself has already left the territory! That is why to control fixed assets, visual control is required.

Retail trade

Bar-coding is the leading technology in the retail trade. The combination of bar-code with RFID-tag allows automating not only accounting but also control of operation and compliance with the terms of execution.

RFID-technology ensures control of pallets, cases, containers movement at the warehouse and stores. The accounting is accomplished with the help of bar-codes but additionally secured with RFID-tags. So if the pallet with the assembled order enters the store warehouse, we obtain tha data from RFID-reader immediately.

Payment systems

RFID-technology is successfully used in various payment systems. One of the main way of its usage is road tolls payment without stopping the vehicle. Such systems are implemented in various countries. The vehicle equipped with RFID-tag driving by the control station equipped with RFID-reader and at this moment the payment of some road toll is affected. Besides, RFID-technology is used for effecting the passenger fares in the buses, subways and trains. Ot helps to reduce crowd near the turnstiles and save money for technical service.

Other spheres of application

RFID-technology is also widely used in aqua-parks. RFID-chips are used in bracelets fr paying for the aqua park services.

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