RFID – up-to-date technology of automatic identification

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is up-to-date technology of automatic identification helping to automate process of data collection and processing in non-contact way. RFID – is non-contact technology, data carrier is radio wave. For the system operation there is no need in contact with the reader and its visible presence in contrast to the bar coding, magnetic and smart cards systems. Reliable operation is guaranteed even in aggressive environment and unfavorable weather conditions.




Tag – is tiny memory device that is composed of integral scheme (microchip) for data storage and processing and antenna. The data is stored in the microchip memory and antenna obtains signal. Own unique number and user information are stored in the tag memory. The reader antenna emits electromagnetic waves, in such a way tag is charges. In result, the tag becomes active and transmits the data to the reading device. There is no need in contact or direct visibility between the reader and the tag as radio signal easily pass through almost any materials. So tags can be hidden in the objects that are to be identified.

Inotag Diotough HPV RFID


There is unique identification code in the RFID tags memory. Some tags have rewritable memory. Reading device (reader) – is electronic device reading information from tags. These devices can be connected to the accounting system permanently or they can operate autonomously. Accounting system – software, accumulates and analyses obtained from the tags information and combines the entire element into united system. Most of the modern accounting systems (1C programs) are compatible with RFID-technology and don’t require any special improvement.

Our specialists will provide all the necessary information and help you to choose the most appropriate RFID-equipment that will meet all your requirements. Also we will provide information support and integrate all the equipment into united accounting and control system.

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