Casio data collection terminals


Data collection terminals CASIO – mean reliability and functionality at reasonable price. CASIO terminals are presented in the following series: Casio DT-930, Casio DT-X7, CASIO DT-X8, Casio DT-X30, CASIO IT-300, Casio IT-800.

You may find and choose necessary data collection terminal by CASIO in our catalogue. The sales hits are Casio DT-930 and CASIO DT-X8 data collection terminals.

CASIO DT-930 — is the best seller of recent years – reliable, reasonably priced and multipurpose device!

CASIO DT-X8 — is a new best seller currently – IP 67 protection, all inclusive.

Casio DT-X7 — is a data collection terminal for durable scanning – the weight is only 145 grams, the center of gravity is in the middle of the case and its turn the case is very easy-to-hold. The bar code scanner placed in such a way so that user does not need to incline the terminal during work.

CASIO IT-300 — is a data collection terminal that was designed taking into account the needs of retail trade. Wide range of functions is for solution of various tasks. The data collection terminal CASIO IT-300 combines simplicity of using and durability of industrial equipment. Large color display can be used without stylus, can reflect PDF-documents and office applications.

CASIO DT-X5 — the model is out of production, current analog is DT-X7 series.




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