Digital video recorder (DVR)


4 535,00 UAH

Видеорегистратор Hikvision DS-7116NI-SN предназначен для построения системы видеонаблюдения в квартире, офисе, частном доме, магазине, СТО, складском или производственном помещении.

Lanser-4 Mobile + Trassir Software

Analogue video recorder Lanser-Mobile II + Software Trassir for developing video surveillance systems. The recorder is for ensuring safety of payment terminals and automatic teller machines and also in transport and other fields.

TRASSIR DuoStation

21 726,00 UAH

NVR TRASSIR DuoStation to implement IP video surveillance in hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and business centers

Hybrid video recorder TRASSIR Absolute 960H 4 is the most powerful model allowing to connect and record four analogue cameras.

TRASSIR QuattroStation – is a hybrid network video recorder for IP video survellance systems (NVR) on the basis of Intel Core i5 processor. Recording is up to 64 channels (15 shots/second) for a server.

Video recorder TRASSIR Nexus 960H 8

TRASSIR QuattroStation PRO — is a hybrid network video recorder for IP video surveillance systems (NVR on the basis of Intel processor Core i5). Record is up to 128 channels (25 shots/second for a channel). Displaying of more than 100 video channels on 4 VGA monitors.

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