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Receipt printer CITIZEN CT-S310II is one of the most up-to-date receipt printer for frequent and intensive use. The distinguishing features are excellent printing speed and qualitative and auto trimming. It has high reliability and advanced wear-resistance of printing mechanisms.

Receipt printer Citizen CT-S651 has reliably protected from dust and moisture printing mechanism. Due to specially designed case construction, printed document is handed out frontally. It can be placed on the desk as well as on the wall.

Receipt printer Citizen CT-S851

Citizen CT-S801 — POS printer with graphic LCD display. Maximal printing speed of CT-S801 is 300 mm/sec. It can be successfully used in various fields of trade, catering service. The case is made from black plastic (white is optional).

Citizen CT-S4000

18 450 UAH

Receipt printer Citizen CT-S4000

Receipt Printer CITIZEN CT-S280

Price not specified

Receipt printer CITIZEN CT-S280 - reliable, easy to use, easy to connect the printer of checks. In this model, small size 106 x 170 x 116.5 mm, the printer can be easily placed in any workplace: office, kitchen and reception equipment for repair, car repair, warehouse, shop. Affordable price makes this printer an indispensable checks in the small and medium businesses.

Citizen CT-E651

Price not specified

Citizen CT-E651

Receipt printer Citizen CT-S280

Price not specified

Citizen CT-S281 — modern and easy-to-use receipt printer. The sizes are small so it is very ergonomic in your working place. The case is made from modern material and can be black or white colour.

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