XPrinter ХР-58IIК — чековый принтер для ежедневной печати чеков. Ширина печати 48 мм. Ширина рулона чековой ленты для печати 57 мм. Интерфейс подключения USB. Порт денежного ящика RJ-11.

Скорость печати 90 мм/с. Ширина ленты 57,5 мм. Автообрезчик ленты. Подключение денежного ящика (12В, 1А).


2 640 UAH (Хит продаж!)

Printer HPRT PPT2-A is designed to print checks using a thermal tape width of 57 mm. It is equipped with a USB interface and RS-232. Also, the printer can be connected to the cash drawer.

Xprinter ХP-V320N USB+LAN — принтер для печати чеков с автоматической обрезкой чека. Скорость печати: 200 мм/сек. Максимальная ширина печати: 72 мм. Интерфейс подключения USB и Ethernet.

Receipt printer HPRT POS80FE

XPrinter XP-V330N

3 216 UAH

XPrinter XP-V330N is for printing non-fiscal receipts. It is used while printing orders and receipts in various subdivisions (kitchen, bar).


3 984 UAH

HPRT LPQ58 receipt printer, and thermal labels


4 944 UAH

Thermal Check printing HPRT TP805 - reliable equipment for printing invoices or print the order in the kitchen. High-speed printing - 250 mm per second. Print 1D and 2D barcodes. Interfaces - S-232, USB and Ethernet. installed Auto cutter

Receipt printer CITIZEN CT-S310II is one of the most up-to-date receipt printer for frequent and intensive use. The distinguishing features are excellent printing speed and qualitative and auto trimming. It has high reliability and advanced wear-resistance of printing mechanisms.

Receipt printer CITIZEN CT-S280 - reliable, easy to use, easy to connect the printer of checks. In this model, small size 106 x 170 x 116.5 mm, the printer can be easily placed in any workplace: office, kitchen and reception equipment for repair, car repair, warehouse, shop. Affordable price makes this printer an indispensable checks in the small and medium businesses.

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