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Bar code scanner Argox Argox AS-8060 USB

Argox AR-3201

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Argox AS-9400BT — беспроводной сканер для считывания (2D) штрих-кодов. Скорость считывания: 60 скан/сек. Интерфейсы подключения к ПК: USB и RS-232.

Bar Code Scanner Argox AS8000U

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Bar Code Scanner AS-8000 is the scanner for retail applications. Operation is intuitive, no warm up or waiting: Just point and scan! The AS-8000 reads all commonly used barcode symbologies from contact up to a distance of 125mm. Available in black or gray to match most retail systems, the AS-8000 offers easy plug and play installation. For all retail and similar applications, this little mid-range imager delivers unmatched cost / performance.

Bar Code Scanner Argox AS8150-U

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Bar Code Scanner Argox AS8150-U with USB interface. Scanning speed is up to 200 scans per sec. Successful reading is confirmed by activation of red light diode and beep. Built-in decoder allows identifying and decoding of common bar codes automatically.

The AS-8520 long Range Cordless Imager provides a high performance scanning with a rapid scan rate (450 scans/sec) and superior depth of field (up to 40 inches on 40-mil codes). Utilizing Argox’s unique wireless-communication technology, the AS-8520 operates with a 100-meter data transmission range. Accompanying with a long-lasting Li-ion battery pack and IP42 sealing level design, the AS-8520 offers the freedom of mobility of barcode scanning and outstanding durability in a wide range of applications including business offices for shipping / receiving, supermarkets, warehouses and manufacturing.

Bar code scanner Argox AS-9500

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Bar code scanner Argox AS-9500

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