Weighing and marking

Vostok company employees design complex budget solutions for products weighing and marking at industrial and production enterprises.

Standard equipment and software are used in solutions that allows adjusting the scheme of work if needed.

The advantages of weighing and marking complex:

Video control

The disadvantages are the following – prolonged time of system adjustment in comparison to the installation and programming of label printing scales.

As a rule, weighing marking complexes are integrated into unique complex with accounting program mostly with 1C: Enterprise. The solution is flexible and multipurpose. Practically any scales and label printers can be connected to the system. Moreover, operational accounting and control of operations are ensured.

1:C Enterprise

Label printing scales are also can be used for weighing and marking. However, label printing scales do not have all the advantages as the complete weighing and marking complex may have. MLW of label printing scales is 30 kg while weighing and marking complex may include scales with any MLW.

Label printing scales

Label printing scales will help to determine weight and automatically calculate the cost of product, embedded printer will print the results of weighing on self-adhesive thermal label for products marking. More detailed information you can read article about Label printing scales.

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