«H-aRt» - an international consulting company

Company «H-aRt» appeared on the market of consulting services in 2007. Its mission - providing consulting services based on the widest knowledge of specific information and extensive experience, contribute to the successful development of Ukrainian business and growth in business activity in the country.

Consultants «H-aRt» significantly reduces the formation of the company and brings a time when the business begins to operate independently, thrive and expand. Just an international consulting company «H-aRt» specializes in providing emergency assistance to businesses who find themselves in difficult situations. Using simple but very effective management tools, professional team of consultants "reanimate" a variety of companies of any industry. Over the past two years due to the realized projects «H-aRt» managed to "resurrect" some two dozen Ukrainian companies: a short period of time, they completely got rid of credit addiction, increased their production volumes and increased revenue from product sales by 30-100%.


Recommended! Our business consultant - Stanislav Amelchits. Tel.: +38 044 206-72-78 (75, 77), mob.: +38 067 223-78-81, +38 093 709-95-30, +38 097 947-72-01, e-mail: s.amelchyts@h-art.com.ua. Stanislav promptly answer your questions and arrange for the necessary arrangements for training or consultation.

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