Computer video surveillance

There are several directions of up-to-date video surveillance computer systems:

For other systems, availability of video board and hardware key is necessary, even if there are digital IP-video cameras. Computer video surveillance systems differ from specialized video registers because they allow to design video surveillance and security system of any size – from one video camera up to 30 000 video cameras in the “Safe city” system. Simpleness of system using and managing is saved – all the operation is based on ordinary computers with comprehensible graphic interfaces. One of important feature is capability of software updating, system adjusting for specific client's needs.

Except flexibility of adjusting, computer video surveillance allows connecting of additional equipment and program modules of data processing – it helps to connect fire and security systems, trade and cash register equipment(cash registers, scales, data terminals, scanners), execution units (tourniquets, electronic locks, gates, drives of gates) to video surveillance system. Such complex systems help to increase productivity of using video surveillance, and automate events processing and reaction for these events.

Up-to-date communication channels allow transmitting of necessary information volume between system servers and clients' computers. In such a way large allocated systems of computer video surveillance that consists of many servers situated in various places and managed remotely via the Internet can be designed.

Service and maintenance. In contrast to specialized video registers, computer systems in contrast to specialized video registers can be maintained and repaired by IT-department of the company, it reduces operating costs and saves time. Information security and protection can be provided and solved by using well-known and comprehensible methods of data protection in the computer networks. Access to archive data and system administration are carried out by security service of the company or IT-department, moreover everything can be done without specialists of the company supplier.

Computer video surveillance can be used at any facilities, organizations and enterprises of any size from mini stalls to global corporations. On the basis of our experience, some production areas are exceptions – for example mini bakeries or shops of semi-finished production, and also home users: apartments, houses, cottages – digital specialized video registers are reasonable for such objects. For home operation such equipment will be easy-to-use than computer systems, in addition it saves energy consumption.

Often system integrators and security services try to complicate everything. Actually, computer video surveillance is rather easy and simple – we have clients who work with obsolete office computer with Patriot-light system as server. This system has been operating for seven years! Rather successfully it performs all the functions, providing access via the Internet and video surveillance via mobile phone.

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