Car number identification system

System for automatically identification and recognition of car numbers can be designed on the base of hardware-software complex “Intellect”. For identification of national car number additional modules are purchased for the “Intellect” system:

All the system can be put into the service step by step – it is huge advantage for products of ITV company. At the first stage, for example, in designing complex it is enough to buy Video-IQ7 set. Then after paying the difference between system you can work with “Intellect”. Once the personnel learnt the first skills of working with this system, additional modules can be purchased: identification and recognition of car numbers, face recognition, telemetry control module, weighing or cash calculating (POS-module).

Intellect can control different administrative devices, control can be performed automatically according to the commands based on some events previously programmed by logical system modules. All the events, commands and actions can be archived. Selection and view of events can be flexibly programmed. Car numbers identification system «Intellect» can operate as separate autonomous system as well as be the part of general integrated security complex providing control over transportation checkpoint, control and record-keeping of car weighing results, control of technological processes and even chains of technological processes at different enterprises.

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