How to choose video surveillance system

How to choose video surveillance system

If you decided to purchase video surveillance system, you would ask: what video surveillance system would satisfy your needs? Majority of customers demand from the salesman qualitative product at the lowest price – it is right and normal desire.

In case if you are ready to select components for video surveillance system on your own, we invite you to the product and service catalog of Vostok company, section “Equipment for video surveillance”. There are prices, characteristics and photos of the products. You may select video recorders, computer cards for video surveillance, video cameras and accessories according to the characteristics, also you may compare selected models according to their specifications. In order to buy selected components and systems, add them to cart, there state the number of product items, delivery and payment options, name of your enterprise and contacts. The managers of Vostok Company will create the account for paying and send it to the mentioned fax number or by e-mail.

If you don't have technical or engineering experience, we offer you to get to know our recommendations.

In selecting video surveillance system, it's important to get the solution and purchase the equipment to provide execution of set goals. If there is lack of money, the best decision would be to postpone purchasing for some time or abandon the project. You shouldn't waste your money for unnecessary stuff. You should understand that quality, reliability, durability and guarantees must be paid. In order to choose the best solution, you are to select not video surveillance system, but the best performer (salesman). That's why you'd better look for the specialists in video surveillance and security systems.

  1. Define the main purpose – what you need video surveillance for. Formulate your aim in writing. Formulations may vary – this is what you personally need or your enterprise does.
  2. Find several companies offering services for the sale and installment of video surveillance systems. Send them invitation to participate in the tender and communicate them your aims and tasks.
  3. Receive written confirmation about desire to participate in the tender.
  4. You may, even you must rely on your friends' recommendations: it is some kind of guarantee of service quality. Invite recommended specialists to participate in the tender. But remember, your aim – is your aim, you will pay your money and either use the results.
  5. Don't worry. You shouldn't worry in choosing various video cameras, video cards, video recorders, their characteristics and specifications – You set the goal, and potential performers must closely examine it and send you the table with calculations, explanatory note, statement of work, and detailed specifications, everything in WRITTEN FORM. Demand specifications for all the positions in the account evaluation. Especially for video cameras, video cards or DVR, cable products, power supply units and other expansive equipment – detailed specification is compulsory.
  6. Maybe you'll have to answer clarifying questions. The employees of some companies may ask you answer them in writing. Other employees may listen you attentively and write down information from your words – the answers are important, they help the performers to understand your tasks and goals more clearly in project development.
  7. Don't trust the companies where employees are willing to discuss everything orally. Demand written questions, explanations – it is only right decision. Moreover, receiving only written information saves your precious time and money, provides guarantee that your goals will be achieved.
  8. Answers for any your questions must be in writing. Don't hesitate in asking ANY questions, including: why video surveillance system is so expensive?Or on the contrary – why this variant is the cheapest? How does video surveillance camera AVZ-12DSF-14-AV differ from another camera ZAV-140RAS-66-5? Why does installer think that video camera 400 ТВЛ is enough for this review zone?
  9. Don't hesitate and don't think that it will take a lot of your time - clarify every obscure question. Key words for successful implementation of the project – it is clarity and simplicity.
  10. The result – choosing of video surveillance system is rather easy! Demand from the performers everything in writing: offers, answers for questions, comparisons, explanations, contracts, guarantees. Such an approach will protect you from swindlers. Fair companies will do their best: you will have the proposal with justification and comparison. Only you choose the best company for the best result.

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