TRASSIR ActivePOS system: cash transactions control

TRASSIR ActivePOS cash transactions control module eliminates possibility of swindling from the cashiers and personnel side. Also it helps to settle conflict situations with customers.

Events binding

Continuous text of the receipt is divided into the set of events, containing all the cashier’s actions. All the actions are not reflected in the receipt, such as operations with the cash drawer, cashier’s registration, discount calculation etc.

Cash transactions event control

Prompt search in the events archive

TRASSIR ActivePOS monitors operations of the cash operating unit with automatic detection of troubling events and draws the operator’s attention to this fact.

In contrast to some event control systems, ActivePOS can be integrated with all widespread cash and weighing terminals and accounting-sorting machines from various manufacturers.

TRASSIR ActivePOS capabilities:

Continuous text of the receipt is divided into the set of events

The system saves not the receipt text but the sales events, cancellations, refunds, annulment etc in the database. Also there is capability of data search in any combination of facts, receipt number, the cashier’s name, period of time, purchase sum etc.

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