Automation of accounting of sales in the store

Automation of accounting in the network of shops.

Automation of retail outlet: one or two jobs. Management and control from a central office.


Automation of account sales in a retail store - is a step towards automation of accounting throughout the enterprise. The next stage of automation of accounting and control - is a terminal for data collection and surveillance system.

After the introduction and development of HR retail sales system - automated inventory in the store. Application of data collection terminals for inventory to accelerate the processes of production and conversion of data entry. Just reducing the number of personnel required for rediscount.

Next on stage - video surveillance system to control cash transactions. Allows visual monitoring of events, as well as their titration on the screen, record archive. If necessary, you can make a selection on any event - the sale of goods (by name, the bar-code, product group), weighing, check number, date, time, the cashier. Just checked and recorded: the return of the goods, replacement, etc. Each system is individually guarantees economic effect, but combined application of these systems can significantly increase the efficiency and impact of the overall solution.

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