Automation of accounting for stock

Accounting for the stock. A simple plan to build a warehouse management

Step 1. For the construction we take into account the configuration of "1C: 8 Management of trade." It is not too complicated and it does not block the accounting and personnel records that the first phase of automation of inventory control in general is not needed. Also in the platform 1C: 8 well-developed commercial part: excluding debt, customer orders and purchase orders to suppliers. In general, a fairly well developed and at the same time, a simple base set. You can apply a "1C: 7.7" - but on this platform folds manufacturer support and stops its further development. At the moment, compared with 1C: Enterprise 7.7, the most effective solution is a platform 1C:Enterprise 8.1.

Step 2. Binding to the area. Continue making improvements with reference to the enterprise

Step 3. Formation of contracts. At the packing station scan enter the assembly on the basis of bar codes of the goods - all goods shipped is scanned before laying in a box or pallet barcode scanner (on the basis of a commodity on the cash position in the supermarket). Equipment: barcode scanners, label printers.

Step 4. Accounting packages. Adding records wrapped servings of goods: boxes, pallets and containers. Store information about what the boxes were packed for the customer, what they were good, who collected the goods and who checked the assembly. Each box is assigned a unique number that is displayed on the sticker, bar code number is duplicated. Inside the box with different products embedded inventory. If the box is homogeneous, then the box is glued sticker with the information: the recipient of the goods, the storekeeper, the product name, number, date of packaging. This allows us not confuse the stored goods and the goods prepared for shipment.

Step 5. Video surveillance. Over an area of assembly products and the formation of the overhead of shipping establishes a system of surveillance intelligence, with a record of information (titles) on the invested in the product packaging, the text over the video picture). In the credits, comments marked the event start and finish checking the invoice, bar code product, enter the number of scanned item, the numbers of packed boxes. All this information is stored in a database video. From these data, you can quickly find a video on the problematic shipments.

Step 6. Implement Scan-equipped mobile computers. Use them for inventory for reading coordinate storage of goods, the selection of goods for shipment on consignment, with the layout of taking delivery.

Step 7. And when we went to record start to analyze:

All steps to automate and optimize warehouse can be implemented immediately, parts, or introduce gradually. A phased approach allows ease the financial burden on business, one time - to achieve maximum effect in a short time.

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