Complex system of automatic control over truck weighting

Dear Sirs executives, we want to represent you complex solution of automated control over vehicle movement – integration of truck scales and digital surveillance system. Our system will help you to intensify control over shipping and transportation of various productions.

We can install weighing control system on the existing truck scales or set new weight-metering “turnkey” complex. For preliminary calculation you have to report scale model and concrete type of weight-metering terminal.

If you have decided to purchase overall weight-metering complex, you can find pricelist of new truck scales at our website in the section: “Electronic truck scales”.

Truck scales are for trucks weighting and displaying information on the weight indicator. Data transmits to the PC for being processed and included into overall accounting system: handling of transport lists, bills of lading, passes etc.

Recording of weight indications allows decreasing risk of production export through overloading. This measure is rather efficient even without integration with video surveillance. Triple control – data transmission into accounting system and video surveillance system allows avoiding of personnel abuses: collusions between guards and workers of the weight station. If you use video surveillance system in the weight station you receive total control over transportable production out of the enterprise: data transmits into accounting system and weigher can compare it with data from bills of landing. Meanwhile, weighting data transmits into surveillance system, and data must be the same as the image. Mismatch is sign of disturbance at the enterprise.

You can transmit data into accounting system with connection to the travel document – pass, bill of landing etc. We want to call your attention, we use the Intellect system for video data processing. The Intellect is hardware-software platform which helps to achieve total video and measuring control over project: it can receive and process information, and also send message to phone or e-mail in case of any errors or mismatches. Besides, you can add module of car tags identification into the system, the module allows total automation control over logic chains and time sheets. The system automatically registers movement of vehicles and report about cars with unknown tags.

System of automatic control gives such opportunities:

And one of the main questions: How much does it cost?

Final cost of project you can know after discussing and agreement all nuances of technical building. You can find in-depth information and prices of particular system components in the appropriate sections of our website.

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