Video Surveillance

CCTV systems in Dnepropetrovsk. The Company headquarters, service center, a department of design and implementation of the Vostok are located in Dnepropetrovsk, so businesses and organizations in the city, we offer special conditions: presentation of video surveillance systems with a demonstration of the possibilities and you connect additional equipment, test shooting directly at the facility and testing equipment

“Intellect” complex is referred to video surveillance systems. “Intellect” - is distributed multifunctional software-hardware platform for designing security systems. It provides opportunity of integration with any equipment: video servers, network video cameras, scales(truck, crane, lab, trade scales), moisture analyzer, cash registers, Ppo, fiscal registers and controllers. Besides, on its basis industrial sensors(of temperature, pressure, linear dimensions), actuating mechanisms (locks, gates, drive of rollers) can be mounted. But that's not all. “Intellect” can be integrated with accounting programs 1C: Enterprise, Trade and Stock, KKM server.

Offered by the Vostok company wireless video surveillance functions more than reliably: it can be used at industrial enterprises. There are some stands demonstrating operation of wireless video surveillance in different combinations and variants in our development department. Besides, methods of operation via the Internet are presented.

TRASSIR digital surveillance system – is one of the most functional video monitoring and archiving systems, efficient instrument of intelligent video analysis and recognition. TRASSIR up-to-date technologies are beneficial and profitable.

Video Surveillance in Ukraine. The Vostok Company has been at digital security market since 2000. We perform designing, assembling, commissioning of video surveillance operation of any stage, from simple facilities (mini markets, car washes, cottages) to complex set of facilities (industrial enterprises with several remote subsidiaries).

 Implementing projects we analyze the aim in the whole and offer our customers the most efficient and beneficial solution. Our systems justify all the invested funds. After assembling our company provides video surveillance and security services, employees of the Vostok analyze and upgrade all the equipment to raise efficiency.

The specialists of our company are experienced in working with video surveillance systems installation at the enterprises. Their knowledge and skills provide opportunity of integrating systems into unified information complexes consisting video surveillance, access control, accounting system (scales, cash registers, data terminals), fire and security alarms.

 We install video surveillance systems not only in Dnepropetrovsk, but on all the territory of Ukraine. We integrated video surveillance systems in Crimea (Sudak, Feodosiya, Yalta, Alushta), Kyev, Kharkov, Poltava. The Vostok Company gives guarantee and warranty for all the equipment and fulfilled services. Only we provide equipment upgrading and system improvement on favorable terms.

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