Why only licensed software has to be used?

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Currently the level of non-licensed (pirated) software in Ukraine is about 87%, Network and informatization National Committee of Ukraine reported.

The main reasons why people use non-licensed software are: low purchasing power, and absence of efficient intellectual property protection mechanism. According to the Committee report, currently more than 40 000 Microsoft program products are used in public authorities of Ukraine, and unfilled demand for next 3 years is more than 50 000 items. Annually in Ukraine, software is sold in the amount of 120-140 million of dollars, but the portion of the legal software is only 25-25 million of dollars. The budget losses caused by short-received taxes are about 30 million of dollars per year.

What software has to be licensed?

The distinguishing features of the licensed software – payment for software using during specified period of time. To confirm the payment the rights holder signs the agreement with the user. This agreement is actually license (license agreement). So if using software requires license agreement with the right holder, such software is to be licensed. The buyer also pays for guarantee. Among software that must be licensed are the following: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, Corel and others. The software and some versions that may not be licensed are: some Linux versions, UNIX Free BSD, Open Office and others.

There is list of arguments why only licensed software has to be used

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