Microsoft Software Assurance

Microsoft Software Assurance — is universal mechanism of software products update, and also package of free services and instruments that favors efficient planning, development and Implementation of new products and solutions, IT-employees training, technical support costs reduction, development of informational organization infrastructure.


Right to use new versions

Software Assurance clients are entitled to use any new versions of products that will be released during license agreement term: Open License – 2 years, Open Value, Open Value Subscription, Multi-Year Open License, Open Subscription License, Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Agreement Subscription – 3 years, and prompt access to improvements and new functionalities of new products.

The license installments plan for 3 years (program Open Value or Enterprise Agreement) or subscription for software with annual payment (programs Open Value Subscription and Enterprise Agreement Subscription), which are offered in the frames of Software Assurance, help to reduce one-time investments, plan budget for development of the enterprise informational system for next 3 years and legalize all necessary software.

Deployment and implementation


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