Registration on Microsoft VLSC website

Website Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) gives following opportunities

Microsoft VLSC — is specialized website for users who have purchased corporate Microsoft licenses. Users can find information about purchased Microsoft licenses, download distribution disks, get activation keys and also control subscriptions and advantages in the corporate licensing frames. In order to gain access to the website, you have to check in the website.

Registration procedure in the Microsoft VLSC website:

Order of Microsoft licenses in the catalogue: software

After registration, Vostok Company managers will coordinate the order and submit the invoice. After the invoice payment in 2-4 days, licenses, keys and distribution discs will be on Microsoft VLSC website.

In order to gain access, the following steps should be done.

Registration in Microsoft service.

Create new e-mail in Microsoft service. You have only to create mailbox for successful registration on Microsoft VLSC website. You don’t have to use it.

Live ID identifier receiving.

After new mailbox registration in Microsoft service, registration data is automatically sent to Microsoft service for Live ID identifier creation. This identifier consists of full mailbox name and password. Live ID identifier is used for access to closed information on numerous websites of Microsoft Corporation, including Microsoft VLSC website.

Entrance to Microsoft VLSC website

Go to Microsoft VLSC website. Press button [Entrance] in top right corner of the page. There will be page of authorization Microsoft service with Live ID request, consisting of e-mail address and password. Enter full name of your mailbox, that you have created in service and password. Press button [Entrance]

Live ID verification

Microsoft service verifies entered Live ID. If Live ID verification is successful, Microsoft will switch to Microsoft VLSC website for further actions.

Operational e-mail entering

After successful authorization, there will be page opened with your operational e-mail address request, name and surname. In the field “Business e-mail address” enter e-mail of concrete person that you users for registration on pour website. State name and surname. Press button  [Send].

Letter sending from Microsoft VLSC website

During some period of time (sometimes minutes or hours) Microsoft VLSC website is creating and sending to the “operational address” letter containing link with unique identifier. Attention please! If you post server is protected from undesirable messages, then for guaranteed reception of the letter you should add domain into white list of senders.

Receiving of letter from Microsoft VLSC website

Go to your mail server Microsoft VLSC, open the letter from Microsoft VLSC website. In the letter you will find link with unique identifier. Press it or copy into address line of your browser.

Gaining access to the licenses on Microsoft VLSC website.

Pressing the link in the received letter activates special procedure on Microsoft VLSC website. this procedure connects your Live ID with administrative access rights to Microsoft license. Administrative access is available only for licenses providing “contact person e-mail” corresponds with “operational e-mail address”.

After getting administrative access to the licenses you can download keys and distribution discs.

If you face any difficulties, please consult user manual or contact support service Microsoft in Ukraine: 0 800 308-80-01 (free from fixed-line phones).

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